Zebra Crossing with a Social Purpose

On 18th July 2016, A fleet of over 120 Zebra cabs, all decked out in the signature black and white stripes of one of Africa’s most iconic animals, will drive together from Corlett Drive, via the M1, to the company’s headquarters in Midrand. They will be supported by a Metro police escort.

This ‘crossing’ of the large ‘herd’ of Zebras will honour the memory of Madiba and the spirit of doing good. The mass drive will conclude in the handing over to Khensani’s Collection, a non-profit organisation (NPO) operating mainly in Diepsloot, of a cheque to the value of R67 000. Khensani’s Collection gives priority to education initiatives in its mentoring and community upliftment activities.

The public are invited to join in the Zebra Crossing by promoting their favourite charities on social platforms. The NPO that receives the most votes via #zebracrossing will receive an additional R 6 700 donation from Zebra Cabs.

In conventional road safety terms, a zebra crossing is a place where people are prioritised over vehicles and, thereby, enabled to safely reach their destinations. “So, our Mandela Day ‘Zebra Crossing’ is an additional way for us to express our own corporate ethos of helping people cross safely, successfully, and sustainably from the informal to the formal economy,” says Zebra Cabs head, Ana Bonanni. “In this particular instance, we are emphasising the need to help South Africa’s youth cross from disadvantage to both economic and social success.”

Zebra Cabs will pay drivers involved in the Mandela Day Zebra Crossing a flat rate for the two hours (10:00 – 12:00) of the migration. The company will also have reserve drivers on standby to assist consumers and commuters in need of cab transport.

Zebra Cabs, the company that is empowering the metered cab industry by enabling owner-drivers to buy new bespoke cab vehicles and, thereby, establish their own small business, will celebrate Madiba Day by creating a unique ‘Zebra Crossing’ (#zebracrossing) in Gauteng.

  About Zebra Cabs

Zebra Cabs is South Africa’s fastest growing Cab Service. The company is a subsidiary of SA Taxi.

Zebra Cabs finances custom fitted, branded metred cabs, with the support of an app and 24/7 call centre. This means that drivers who would not be able to finance their own vehicles are now given an opportunity to buy their own cab, and by doing so, start their own business – with the protection of a reputable parent brand.

In this way we are uplifting the cab industry as a whole, and the local economy. By providing access to international finance for people who may not even qualify for a loan in their own country – we are empowering the everyday South African to start their own small business.

Our support includes:

  • Financing
  • Business mentoring
  • Customer service training
  • Zebra uniforms and vehicle branding
  • Access to the app and a smartphone
  • Marketing and exposure to corporate clients

Our ultimate goal at Zebra Cabs is to succeed through enabling sustainable business, reviving the metred cab industry and growing our local economy.

  The A - Z of Zebra Cabs

Zebra Cabs is a safe, reliable and uniquely South African transport solution. We combine outstanding customer service with the latest technology to empower our operators and grow the local economy.


We are uplifting the metred cab industry through technology. The Zebra Cabs app allows for easy booking and payment of trips, giving our operators the same edge as international providers.


You can order a trip when you need it, or pre-book. We have a 24/7 call centre, web booking facility and of course the Zebra cabs app to choose from.


Zebra Cabs are 100% roadworthy. You can spot a Zebra by its stylish stripes. Every Zebra is also custom fitted with a tracker, external cameras, leather seating and air-conditioning.


Our operators are entrepreneurs, growing their own small businesses. They are screened and receive ongoing training in customer service to ensure that every trip you take is a great experience.


Zebra Cabs is a local transport, and development solution. So when you catch a Zebra, you’re actually supporting entrepreneurs – and our economy.


Zebra Cabs offers a punctual service. We provide accurate estimated arrival times for your convenience. We also monitor the reliability and punctuality of our operators on an ongoing basis.


We understand the needs of every day South Africans. You can pay in-app via credit card, swipe your debit card in the cab – or pay cash.


With advanced vehicle tracking, safety is our priority. Our vehicles are inspected on a regular basis and our operators are professionally trained and certified.